I remember the first Star Wars video game I owned. It was the 1994 game Star Wars: Tie Fighter for the PC. I spent hours and hours and hours playing this game. The whole point was to win battles and "earn" or "build" new ships. And I'm not gonna lie, playing this game over and over may have caused me to develop a bit of a soft spot for The Empire. Because, well, that's obviously who you're fighting for in the game.

Now all the different sounds to make in the Star Wars universe, the Tie Fighter might be one of the hardest. We've seen soda cans, chairs, and even Buzz sound like Chewbacca. There are even people that can sound like a lightsaber duel.

But here we have a dog that is very excited to see his family. And sounds just like a Tie Fighter. In the words of Darth Vader:

"I have you now."