In October of 1978, KLAQ hit the airwaves!

KLAQ celebrates the big 33 at Bikin Joes, 1610 Sioux today! 

The Q is live there beginning at 1:00pm and the party will be roaring all afternoon and night!  Stop by for drinks, insanity, cake and LOTS of prizes!  Scott Ronson will be live there today along with Buzz Adams me, Glenn Garza, and the rest of The Q airstaff!

Just for giggles, I thought we could take a look back at what else was going on that legendary fall of '78!

Pope John Paul the 1st was in and out leading to the first Polish Pope, John Paul the 2nd. (#1 lasted a little over 30 days, #2 lasted a little over 30 years!!)

Gas was a whopping .63 cents a gallon!

Jim Jones and his followers "drank the kool - aid"!

Space Invaders was released, helping to kick off the video game craze!  

Jimmy Carter was in office, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind was in theaters, Paul McCartney and Wings were on the charts, Kiss met The Phantom, Sid and Nancy met their maker and The Q was on the air!!

See ya' at Bikin Joes!!

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