Well, this is just terrifying. For some reason, this guy apparently owns a giant Burmese python, and for some other reason he likes to take it for “walks” around the neighborhood.

The photo above was posted on Reddit recently, and it instantly shocked and scared the many who dared to click the link, thinking the lack of NSFW text made it totally fine. But for those of you who share this poster’s fear of the grotesque reptile, not only is a drop of the jaw inevitable, the same goes for a predestined child-like shriek.

What’s even more odd — and absolutely disturbing — is this guy’s weird YouTube channel, which displays numerous videos featuring — yep, you guessed it — his pet snake. But don’t worry — it seems that a tarantula makes an appearance somewhere in there.

Want an example? Well, let’s think… Oh, the guy feeds a live chicken to the snake while he eats a falafel as if he’s watching a football game. How’s that work for you?

Thank you sir. We’re officially creeped out.

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