A man named Darryl recently found out his girlfriend was cheating on him, with six different guys. Instead of just confronting her, Darryl reached out to rapper, Mac Lethal, to come up with probably one of the best breakup songs, EVER!

Mac Lethal took on the challenge to create the ultimate breakup song, just by the email Darryl sent to him, which he posted in the 'About' section of the YouTube video.

YouTube/Mac Lethal

I wish I could have been this creative when my ex-boyfriend cheated on me, so Darryl and Mac Lethal are my new favorite people. Rapping over Taylor Swift's hit, 'Blank Space,' Mac Lethal stays true to his name, and delivers a lethal flow. Let this song be a warning to you cheaters, don't do something stupid to get caught, especially by leaving cereal in the sink.