A Florida man decided to take a cruise on a beautiful Sunday afternoon on the top of a stranger's car. Not only were cops concerned about this guy jumping on moving cars, but he was also allegedly high on meth.

Luckily, dashcam footage caught the car surfing man and his crazy attempt to escape police and have shared it with YouTube. He is now facing charges of public intoxication

These are the kinds of stories that make the internet amazing. You get tired of watching cat videos, so watching alleged druggies act like they are in a video game is a refreshing break from all the animal cuteness.

Sometimes alleged druggies aren't always the best at car surfing, but sometimes they are way better at dancing in the middle of Coachella. No need to worry about police when you are surrounded by people who are judging your festival outfit and awkward dance moves. Car surfing and dancing are just a few hobbies that can't be done the way these men can do them.