One of Coachella's biggest draws this year is the reunion of the indie outfit Postal Service, which features the synth-led sounds of Jimmy Tamborello paired with Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard's vocals. But according to a new Funny or Die video, there were actually several recognizable rockers that tried out for the job before Gibbard was selected.

The amusing clip features a who's who of the music and comedy scenes all trying out for the gig, including Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel, ex-Guns N' Roses member Duff McKagan and Helmet frontman Page Hamilton.

In the audition, Mendel is almost dismissed before playing a single note as the faux Sub Pop representative mocks him. Mendel states, "I used to be on Sub Pop in a band called Sunny Day Real Estate," to which the rep replies, "Yeah, I'm a Remax guy myself. So, I think we both hate bass so let's just get this over with, right?!"

Things don't go so smooth for McKagan either when the Sub Pop rep doesn't believe he played in Guns N' Roses. He tells the legendary bassist, "We all know Guns N' Roses. It's Axl, Slash, the guy in the top hat and Buckethead. You're not in Guns N' Roses. Guns N' Roses doesn't have a blonde guy," to which McKagan walks off in a huff claiming he doesn't need this indie Sub Pop BS.

Helmet's Page Hamilton gets a mixed reaction to his atmospheric distortion histrionics during his audition before Tamborello and the Sub Pop rep eventually settle on Gibbard. In addition, fans can look for outrageous performances from Moby, Blink-182's Tom DeLonge and comedian Marc Maron among others. The promo is designed to build buzz for the tenth anniversary reissue of the Postal Service's 'Give Up' album, due April 9. Watch the video below.

Watch Nate Mendel, Duff McKagan and Page Hamilton Audition for The Postal Service

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