Apparently, Guns 'n Roses unleash your inner road rager!

An insurance study done by the insurance web site says that "Paradise City" by Guns And Roses is one of the most unsafe songs to drive to!  Using their "motormate" app, they had people drive with and without music.

They found that, for guys, rock music caused them to drive faster, more aggressively and to brake later.  Ladies, don't be shaking your heads.  You're just as bad but with you guys, it's hip hop that turns you into NASCAR wannabes.

guns and roses are not safe to drive to

The faster the music, the more your body reacts and attempts to match it's rhythyms. Guess that means the most unsafe radio show to drive to would be mine!!  :)

If your ears tend to take control of your right foot, here's a possible solution. Try listening to music that more closely matches your heart rate.  The study recommends "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith, David Bowies "Life On Mars" or "Closer" by Kings Of Leon.

Yeah right.  Gimme my thrash cds and movate guey!!

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