I am sooo not kidding ...  

I found a story about a Florida gun range that is offering defense courses where you face real life attackers and fire at them. Directly!

Yep ... You get the feel, recoil and sensation of firing a live round from a real gun in a real life situation.  The effects on the "bad guy"?  Ehhhh, he'll be fine.

Pretty cool huh??

Reading this article took me back to my own training here in El Paso at Tactical Ranch.  (They wouldn't let me shoot anybody, but they did teach me a LOT!)  I learned (and un-learned) so much and we did incorporate real life situations!  We just didn't actually fire  at each other.  Not that day anyway .......

I called Tom (The Boss) at Tactical Ranch to see if he had heard of this "new" type of training and guess what??  THEY DO IT TO!!

I had planned on going back for even more training and now, I really can't wait.

According to TRs Tom Buchino;

The employment of SIMUNITIONS® allow Tactical Ranch® instructors to create real-world scenarios; requiring appropriate action / response by the student. Man-marking munitions is designed for Force-On-Force training; allowing the scenario to develop into varying levels of force required. Not all situations require lethal force and through the employment of man-marking munitions, we can instruct and evaluate situational awareness and the escalation of force (escalation of an incident vs. the appropriate response).

Tactical Ranch® uses SIMUNITIONS® in conjunction with the mandated safety equipment ensuring student safety while achieving the training objective. Basically the act of shooting or being shot without that pesky death/major wound thing going on!  (I sense some of you shaking your heads out there. Don't worry! There's no risk of a real bullet being accidentaly loaded ... they won't fit.) Tom went on to say;

"Simunitions is a vital tool in the development of tactical units and citizen defensive training programs. Although life fire training can never be replaced, the employment of man-marking munitions to compliment training programs allows students to face emerging threats that move, yell, assault and shoot."

They can even bring this training to you in your usual enviroment!  Want to learn how to handle a disgruntled ex employee at work or a break in at home?  They can set it up for you with no risk to you, your "bad guy" or your property!

Todays world can be scary and, honestly, if you're not prepared for certain scenarios you and/or your family are going to be hurt or killed.  If you're interested in learning to protect yourself and your loved ones ... and truly testing yourself at doing so ... contact Tactical Ranch.