Ed. Note: KFC is selling a Prom corsage that features a chicken drumstick as the centerpiece.

Here is the full story including the link for online ordering. Maybe it started as a joke but people can, and many will, wear a piece of fried chicken to prom this year.

“Hello. My name is Habib and I live in a camp for refugees in Sudan near the town of Al Fashir. I have been asked to write about my thoughts upon hearing about the new KFC Drumstick Corsage. It has been several days since I have eaten anything so I be your forgiveness if my handwriting is hard to read.


When I was first told that children in America will be able to wear food as a fashion accessory to their school dance, I did not understand. Then, someone explained to me what a “school” was and it sounded very wonderful! At first, I was very happy for the American children that they could have a piece of chicken to eat. Some people have said that it is wrong to use food as clothing, but I can understand. If I ever received a leg of a chicken, I too would want to wear it around so everyone could see and marvel at my good fortune. Besides, it’s not like anyone could eat a whole piece of chicken at one time! I would wear my chicken and spend the next several days feasting on it to my heart’s content! I have never seen a “corsage” before, but it too looks delicious! American children are so lucky to have such a variety of nutritious food. The dancing also sounds like fun! Unfortunately, I don’t have enough energy to stand, let alone dance. I think, perhaps, though I’ve I could ever have an American feast of chicken and corsage, I might just find it in myself to stand to my feet and shuffle listlessly to the rhythm of growling stomach before collapsing back onto the dirt. America sounds so wonderful it is almost hard to believe such a place exists. Corsages made out of chicken!
What is next? A boutonniere made out of penicillin or a punchbowl full of clean, fresh drinking water?!? I must go now. While writing this I have had only one hand free for swatting flies and they are really beginning to bunch up on my face. Enjoy your piece of chicken at your school dance, American children"

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