Today is April Fools Day!

This year (as in each of the last 20 or so years) Buzz Adams and The Q Morning Show put one over on a lot of you guys!  (The "got" and the "not got" categories are always equally good for a reaction as Buzz pointed out earlier.)

It's not just rock radio guys that pull fast ones though.  In the past, record store clerks, labels and even the bands themselves have gotten off some pretty good ones.

Ever heard all the "Paul McCartney is dead" clues?

Or read the New York Times list of grunge terms and their meanings? (Know what a "cob nobbler is?  How about a "lamestain"?)

Remember when I (DubbaG) ran for Mayor?

Read more about some great rocker pranks in history here.  Then, come up with one of your own ... you've still got til midnight to get one in on your friends and family!