Balloonfest 2012 rocked Wet n Wild!

I know, it was over a week ago but it feels like yesterday!!  Since I was out the rest of the week on a (kinda) vacation; I hadn't had a chance to ask what you guys thought.

Better yet, how about you SHOW me what your favorite part of Memorial Day Weekend was??

Did you get any video of the party??  Send it over and whoever sends me the best video of one of the performances (local band, national band, whatever) will see it posted here at  PLUS, I'll hook you up with a pair of tickets to Street Fest and an invitation to send me your favotite video from that party!!

Sound good??  Send what you got  to  ONE video per person please and no cheating!!  Send it as you have it!  No "remixes", no sound adjustments, no digital trickery ... raw footage from the audience point of view only!!

I must admit a certain bias on this one though.  Bonus consideration will be given to video of (what I hope will be) the first annual Local Loco Link-up we threw together on Memorial Day with members of Aftermath, Texas Roadkill, Voyuer and a few others!

(I even got in on it and it was a BLAST!!  When I say we "threw" that together, I mean it literally.  I had the idea, rounded up the "volunteers" and we were on a couple of hours later!!  Imagine what the next one will be like.  One we actually PLAN!!)

Anyway, here's a video someone going by ninerhopeful posted of Dead Sara on youtube.  (Thanks niner!!)

Now, show me what YOU got!  I'll post the winning video Friday!!

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