If you had a Cappetto's gift card that you hadn't used when the restaurant closed, I can tell you where you CAN use them.If you need to know how to cash in your Cappetto’s gift card, three El Paso restaurants will honor the gift cards.  The cards will be good for a flat rate of $20.  Larger denominations will be considered on an individual basis.  The cards can't be used on holidays or special events.  Edward Davis was in the studio and told us he will get the gift cards back from the restaurants, track down the owner and give the cards back to be honored  when Cappetto's reopens!  The restaurants that will be taking the cards are Dominic's at 6901 Montana;  Como's - 4030 N. Mesa; and Sorrento at 5325 Dyer.  I think it's wonderful that the owners of these fine establishments have stepped up to help Cappetto's owner Edward Davis.