At the Golden Globes, Kirk Douglas was honored with a retrospective montage and Twitter lost it.

So, did Kirk Douglas rape Natalie Wood? Is this even a well-known Hollywood rumor? If it is, I’d never heard it before and I know about way more old-timey Hollywood lore than any straight man has any business knowing.

Here’s the long and the short of it as I was able to piece it together.

Back in 2012, an anonymous commenter on a Hollywood blog called Crazy Days and Nights threw out the story that Natalie Wood, while still a teenager, was raped by an A-list celebrity and that this was common knowledge in Tinsel Town. The blogger then identified the rapist as Kirk Douglas.  Oh, and also, blog readers decided that the person identifying Douglas was Robert Downey Jr.  I know. There’s a fair about of speculation and filling in the blanks here. The blogger, Himmmm, had dropped some heavy clues that he was, in fact, Tony Stark’s other-other alter-ego and that the information about Douglas came directly from Natalie Wood’s daughter.

So, people have been criticizing the Globes for honoring Kirk Douglas because of …get ready…six years ago an anonymous person, who may or may not have been Robert Downey Jr., posted on an obscure blog that the daughter of Natalie Wood had told him, the perhaps-Downey, that Kirk Douglas had done this heinous deed. Whew.

That’s a lot of “maybes” and “might-be’s” for such a strong allegation.

Personally, when it comes to Kirk Douglas related conspiracies, I prefer the one where he murdered the Black Dahlia.

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