Summer might be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have ourselves a good old fashioned beach blanket blowout.

In an odd 60′s-inspired music video directed by Jonas Akerlund, the always shocking Rammstein have taken to the beach with equal amounts mascara and dancing bikini babes. The bright and sunny beach party provide quite a contrast to the otherwise dark and angry sounding music of the song “Mein Land”. Band members lounge around with their instruments and even surf while ladies shower them with attention. If you know German you can even sing along to the bouncing ball over the captioned lyrics.

The video culminates in a Luau — Rammstein style. The party is more up to speed with the band and features flaming guitars, corpse paint, explosions, leather and topless women. [Warning: NSFW]

How do you say “far out” in German?


[Via Loudwire]