I've been a chubby chaser all my life and my dream man is losing his fluff! After a health scare, El Paso's favorite Fluffy man is getting fit!

On my Facebook news feed, Gabriel Iglesias shared this picture and thanked his friends for pushing him to get fit. He said "I've got a long way to go because I still love burgers and quesadillas but I will get better."

He is so right! Big juicy burgers and cheesy quesadillas are too hard to give up! He can have a cheat day and eat some Chicos but I admire him for all his hard work. He never said what his health scare was back on September 5, 2012 but it motivated him to change.

Facebook/Gabriel Iglesias

Some people think that once fat guys get skinny they lose their funny. Poor Jonah Hill had to deal with all that criticism awhile back. I hope Gabriel doesn't lose his funny or I will have to end my imaginary relationship with him. Keep it up Fluffy!