Remember the movie Freaky Friday?  Do you think it could have been freakier?

The movie itself was kinda lame but, having two daughters, I've seen it half a million times. (Along with Spirit, Wreck It Ralph, I Carly, Big Time Rush and a veritable slew of other badazz, rocker/biker/manly type movies and shows. Don't judge me.)

Anyway, Freaky Friday ia about a lady who wakes up one day to find that she has somehow become her daughter and vice versa.  The film was remade in '03, trying for a more hip approach by putting Lyndsey Lohan and Jaime Lee Curtis into a punk band.

Now, some comedic genius has mixed the genders and incorporated slasher films to make a Freaky Friday that ... finally ... may be worth watching!   (As a concept anyway, you have to admit this would be pretty damn cool!)

Check out what "Freaky Friday The 13th" would be like.  Then, let's see if we can find someone to really make this.

It'll be a smash I tell 'ya ... a SMASH!!