Five Finger Death Punch will be releasing their new album, Got Your Six, on Aug. 28, and you can get a taste of that record as the band has premiered the new song "Jekyll and Hyde" via

The mid-tempo track features a lot of spoken word parts from frontman Ivan Moody along with the band's patented catchy but aggressive style and dual guitar sound.

In a recent interview with Loudwire, guitarist Zoltan Bathory talked about the new record. "We all came into the studio kind of high off the tour that was extremely successful," Bathory says. "Both [Wrong Side of Heaven] records were very successful. We came into the studio with that and I think it shows on the material. It’s high energy, a little bit faster. The whole record overall is mid-tempo / high-tempo. Everyone wanted it to be a little bit more of a harder record. We didn’t go back to The Way of the Fist times, when we started. It’s not that, but it’s more closer to that."

Bathory also talked about their upcoming tour with Papa Roach where fans of the bands voted on the routing of the trek."This tour was really a fan demand thing because we did a campaign and we always say this, that this is a people’s band and no matter what city we’re playing it kind of came together from a demand campaign," Bathory says. "The response was just out of control, 1.5 million votes were cast and we started out with 60 cities and just broke it down to whoever stayed."

"So it’s a real interesting way to [do research] – this is the time of crowdfunding," states Bathory. "This is the time when people and their opinion, the effort can generate something big. It was interesting to do it through an actual tour."

The tour, which includes support from In This Moment and From Ashes to New kicks off Sept. 4 in Lexington, Ky.

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