Domino's has announced a new novelty pie that it will luckily only be offering up in China: fish stick pizza.

The new pizza is not only covered in pepperoni, but also in fish sticks in the shape of fish. According to Brand Eating, the pizza is in honor of the Lunar New Year on Feb. 8, and will only be offered for a limited time.

The pizza also looks like it has cherry tomatoes and bel peppers. According to Brand Eating, the fish and colors red and black symbolize wealth and success, while the pepperoni and bacon represent gluttony and flavor.

While the pizza won't be made available in the U.S., you can try to make your own version by tossing some fish sticks on a pepperoni-bacon pizza. And while you're cooking that, you should absolutely check out the website for Dominos China, particularly the page advertising drinks, sides and desserts, where you'll see they offer soup and some interesting pastries. Fun!

Dominos China