It's no secret I love perusing through Reddit. In fact, the post that got me to check Reddit every day posed the question:

I was hooked after that. Well, I stumbled on this AskReddit this morning about videos that will always make you laugh. It's one of those posts that, even though you've probably seen most of the videos, you are still going to laugh. So here you go:

First, we have the polar bear that can't stay standing:

Video courtesy of whitebearautos

Next up, we have Rammstein VS Cookie Monster:

Video courtesy of 2496mastering

This one had Buzz in stitches this morning. Nice, Ron...

Video courtesy of Loïc Drouillard

Of course, screaming goats is always funny:

Video courtesy of RSVLTS

And time for the grand finale, a dog imitating a siren

Video courtesy of Olcay bey

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