The town of La Union has asked for the community to help them after the horrible floods last week. The Far South Fire Department has taken the lead in the effort and need help. Here is how you can join their effort. 

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The town of La Union is seeking help after the town was devastated by the flooding from the storms last week. Heavy rains overwhelmed an aging earthen dam outside La Union causing flooded homes, washed out roads and utility outages. The Far South Fire Chief  Edgar Reyes said some families in the area could be without water for a month. The Far South Fire Department is asking for the communities help with getting supplies to these families in need. Some items that they are requesting are:

Baby Formula
NIDO supplement
Tylenol for adults
Baby aspirins
Baby cough medicine
Plastic utensils (no running water)
Paper plates
Toilet paper
Hand sanitizer
Bottled water
Canned food items

You can the drop off the items to the fire department at this address. Please make sure you call beforehand so someone will be onsite waiting:

827 Luna Drive
Chapparral, NM
About a mile east of the county line.
(915) 243-3593
Edgar Reyes, Far South Fire Department Chief

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