Well ....... it fell.  Now they don't know where it is.

They tracked this thing for years.  They predicted when it would fall. They swore they were even certain it wouldn't hit anything important. (Like us!)  They damn near timed the re-entry to the minute.

Now that it's back here on Earth, they can't find it.


Read the whole story at yahoo.com

I love the part where they say;

"NASA is not aware of any reports of injury or property damage"

Duh.  They don't even know where it is ... how the hell can they be aware of any damage?!?!

If you find any pieces though, don't pick them up. As the article states, you might get fined. (and I doubt you'll be able to ignore the fine for 30+ years like NASA did with that Skylab fine!!) 

Plus, you might get an ow-ie.  :(

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