Many who are, or who deal with, hearing impaired individuals read lips to communicate. Now they can do that and be protected against COVID 19 at the same time.

A mother and daughter team from Las Cruces are working hard together to create masks for deaf people. Several companies make such masks but, the demand right now is so high, they can't keep up with it. Upon learning of this shortage, Karla Martinez and her daughter Lesley were inspired to begin making their own.

Karla Martinez told KFOX:

“My daughter Lesley and I are always looking for ways to serve the community, so once we found out that so many people were struggling to find these masks, we knew what we needed to do' -

On top of taking the initiative of making masks themselves to try and help with the shortage, Karla and Lesley are also giving their masks away ... for free. KFOX reports that Lesley posted this message on Facebook:

I’m glad to do it. I hadn’t realized how many people needed my help. That’s why I’m not selling them, just giving.

You can read the rest of Lesly's message here and you can see what the masks look like by clicking here. If you would like to order one of these masks, you can message Karla on Facebook or, you can call (575) 449-0872.

It's great to see people rising to the occasion when given the opportunity to help others in need Seeing the generosity Karla and Lesley have shown in not even taking money for what they have created is truly inspirational. Props to them!

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