You can take the driver out of the race, but you can't take the race out of the driver!

Or the drugs.

Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images for NASCAR

After outrunning the cops in Nevada, Arizona and Utah, he was finally apprehended following a foot chase.  (He knew .. as a race car driver .. that he had an unfair advantage over them and was just trying to be a good sport I guess.)

Tyler Walker was suspended by NASCAR in 2007 for violating their substance abuse policy.  Over the course of that suspension, rehab apparently was not on his "to do" list. When they finally got him, he had methamphetamines, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and alcohol on him.  If he'd just been dressed in drag, armed and holding a teenage prostitute in the trunk, he could have gotten the train wreck of the year award.  (Good news Lindsay!  You get to hold on to it awhile!)

Don't look for him at Daytona again anytime soon.  After stepping down to the "roundy rounds", he was filmed in 2012 "contesting" an officials call.

This is WAY NSFW!!