May 27, 2011

Additional Information

Balloonfest 2011 starts off with FINGER 11 headlining Day 1,
Saturday, May 28th!

6:00pm - FINGER 11
4:50-5:30pm - Years of Cold
4:10-4:40pm - Texas Roadkill
3:20-4:00pm - Night Must Fall
2:30-3:10pm - Aftermath
1:40-2:20pm - Hot Rod Boogie
12:50-1:30pm - Alodex
12:00-12:40pm - Our Vegas

Scott Anderson: Lead vocals
James Black: Lead guitar
Rick Jackett: Rhythm guitar
Sean Anderson: Bass guitar
Rich Beddoe: Drums, percussion

After five albums and countless tours, Finger Eleven have made their big rock record. It's loud, powerful and fast. It's the album they've waited their entire career to make.

Life Turns Electric is the sound of Finger Eleven's pedal to the proverbial metal. They fly past state troopers and speed traps. They barrel headlong into the future but take a scenic route through the dusty roads of the ‘70s to get there. There's nothing retro about it, but you can hear how they've inhaled the fumes of Classic Rock. This is the sound of a band blasting forward and having a blast while doing so. The guitars are back, the melodies are strong and instantly memorable, branding the lyrics on your brain the very first time you hear them.

"Some bands get confident and coast," says Scott. "They might put out the first 10 ideas they think of and that isn't what happened here." It's true. Finger Eleven grew confident through fan support and belief in their music and instead of coasting, they're simply more confident with their craft. On Life Turns Electric, that fact is clear. They didn't just put out the first ten jams they came up with – they put out ten of the best songs they've ever written.