I have now lived in two different places where Spanish is a very prominent language (South Florida and El Paso, TX). But I still don't know the language that well. What finally pushed me towards downloading an app to learn Spanish was when I started dating my girlfriend. She was born in Juarez, and I figure I need to be able to understand what her family is saying.

So I downloaded DuoLingo to learn Spanish. And I have to say, the app works. I still can't speak Spanish, but I'm understanding it more. I can pick up on a few words in a conversation and make an educated guess as to what is being talked about.

I've also started to pick up on something with DuoLingo. The pictures, and some of the phrases are just downright hilarious. So I wanted to share them with you. Sometimes the pic it funny. Sometimes it's the phrase. Sometimes, it's both together.