WTF Wednesday this week has to do with advertising.  One Super Bowl commercial was banned this year and for the life of me, I can't understand why.

Carls jr has filmed some pretty sexy commercials over the last couple of years. Remember Kate Upton wolfing down that patty melt?  Awesome.

Or the one where Sara Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski accidentally .. and quite erotically .. come up with the Memphis BQ Burger?

(After the commercial, watch the video Emilys name links to.  NSFW!!)

Suddenly, I'm starving.  This year, Carls Jr got Mexican actress Fernanda Romero to help them sell a few sausage breakfast sandwiches and whoever books the ads for the Superbowl said no to running this one.  WTF??  Why on earth would they want to ban this?

Honestly, watch the commercial for yourself and then tell me what in the name of free enterprise is wrong with exposing us all to this wonderful new Carls Jr breakfast treat? Seriously??  WTF??