Police in California identified a 22 year-old man who killed six people during a drive-by shooting near the Santa Barbra campus University of California. The wildest part about this news is Elliot Rodgers (suspect) is the son of a Hollywood Executive. Elliot decided to make a video of his own outlining his plan on YouTube just hours before the attack.  Elliot died after the shooting spree that killed six people and leaving seven injured.

The video, titled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution,” was posted to his account hours before his shooting spree. During his long rant, he tries to justify his twisted logic behind the murders all because of his "unfair" life. His primary motivation for his actions are because a lack of attention from the opposite sex.

Viewer discretion is advised for Elliot Rodgers retribution video threat which has been identified by the YouTube community as potentially offensive and graphic.

Who knew the lifestyles of the rich and famous could be so "unfair" compared to the ones who really struggle!