El Paso's weather has pretty much always been boring in its own way, "Today the forecast calls for bright and hot, followed by a period of dark and hot. More of the freakin' same tomorrow." But this week we've been blessed with not only a kick-ass moon and meteor shower, but RAIN! Awesome, cool, soaking rain.

My second favorite weather, following closely on the heels of snow. Maybe I'm odd.

Whether you like the relentless heat that lasts for 8 months or so every year or not, we can all appreciate a nice break from it, especially with something like a good rain storm. Maybe not a building-collapsing storm like we had a few years ago (someday we'll ponder weighty concepts like drainage), and not the wimpy little annoying mud-sprinkles that hit us (right after washing our cars).

Actual water falling from the sky, giving us a much-needed car wash, and bringing the temps down to something you'd find elsewhere in the country. Please don't complain about the swamp-coolers pushing around the humidity, just enjoy it.