The 30th annual El Paso Motorcycle Coalition Toy Run/Parade is set for tomorrow! (11/4/12)

El Paso area bikers will roll tomorrow raise toys and funds to buy toys for needy kids in El Paso and the El Paso area.  Registration starts at 9am at International Truck Driving School, 141 Quinella in Sunland Park.


The parade rolls at (approx.) 11:15 am going from Doniphan to Talbot, then to Trans Mountain, over the mountain and into Cohen Stadium.  (Last years parade actually stretched across the mountain!  As the lead bikes pulled into Cohen, the end of the parade was still on the west side.)

Cost is $10 plus a new, unwrapped toy. (Minimum $5 value.)  Children 10 and under need only bring the toy.


This 30 year old tradition began with a few bikers going door to door to help a few kids.  Today, thousands participate. Bikers and non- bikers, club members and independents,  the City Of El Paso, Mayor John Cook (who has led the parade several years now) lots of volunteers and many local businesses all work together to bring Christmas to thousands of children throughout El Paso and The Borderland.


Following the parade, the party at Cohen Stadium is always a blast!  Food, drinks, a fashion show and much more; plus live rock this year from "Y Not", Synyster and Texas Roadkill!

You don't have to ride to be a part of this yearly event!  (It's a lot more fun that way though!) To brighten a less fortunate childs Christmas, you need only get to Cohen with your donation tomorrow!  (11/4/12)

Then hang out and have a good time with us!

For more info, call 740-9991 or 494-4881!

El Paso Motorcycle Coalition

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