The Sun City has come out in the Top Ten of another list, and this time for an awesome reason!

The Center for Digital Government (CDG) announced the winners of the 2016 Digital Cities Survey. For cities with populations over 500,000 El Paso came in the top ten!

This yearly survey recognizes cities that are using technology to "help improves citizens services enhancing transparency, and encouraging citizen engagement."

According to the Center for Digital Government,

"El Paso has made mobility a priority. Cellphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi hot spot equipment allows staff to do more remote work from the field, adding to quicker response times and greater efficiency. In addition, the City has added mobile apps to pay for and add time to parking meters and to allow the public to report park and facility maintenance needs."

Enrique Martinez, the Director of Department of Information Technology Services (DoITS), said that "El Paso has a mobile-strong strategy and has worked on new content management to ensure that the City websites are available for citizens and staff."

The El Paso City Council, City leadership and the DoITS staff are working together to help achieve the City's goals through training, outreach and through using an IT skills training portal.

Congratulations to El Paso for making our city more technologically advanced!