Need a reason to stay at home and NOT gather with your family around a holiday? Home gatherings are being linked to many of the COVID-19 cases in the city of El Paso. Some very important information that most people seem to keep forgetting is that the CDC says about one third of people that have COVID-19 are asymptomatic. This means there's a good chance someone has it and show no symptoms whatsoever.

  • 20% of virus cases is due to community transmission
  • 20% is due to travel
  • 10% is under investigation and is still being researched
  • 50%, yes 50% of the cases have been linked to 'close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19

So where is most of that close contact coming from? Things like home gatherings.You know, something either you or someone you know did recently for Mother's Day, or Memorial Day, or a birthday. Yeah, those gatherings.

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo recently talked about El Pasoans heading south or the border, into Juarez to visit family.

We have families on both sides. Culture, commerce on both sides for over 300 years and that's just part and parcel to who we are. We've been trying to discourage people from going to Juarez and [against] large gatherings."

Margo added:

Most of the positives (cases) that have come out of gatherings have come out of gatherings at homes, based on the data we've seen from epidemiological analysis of contact tracing. It's where you let your guard down. We're known for large families in this region.

The biggest part of what the Mayor said that should stand out the most is letting your guard down. People tend to get comfortable when they're around their family, and ignore the social distancing guidelines.


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