Not many really knew him but, every rocker in the Borderland knew who he was.

Simon, who succumbed to an illness, was an El Paso icon. A staple at every rock show, he ran through the crowds, tossed his jacket to dizzying heights and "air - guitared" like a rabid beast. He could get a crowd fired up like no other and, quite often, upstaged the real rock stars he was there to see.

If his name isn't ringing a bell, here's a picture of him and my friend Vince. Though Simon and I were acquainted, I never got to snap a pic with him myself.

Photo, Vincent Arrieta
Photo, Vincent Arrieta

As you read this, Facebook is filling with comments, stories and tributes to Simon. (Vince, I think, wrote the best one.) Simon was at every single concert, no matter what, and brought an electrifying presence to all of them.

Adios Simon. Concerts ... at least before they start and in between the bands ... will never be quite the same.