The relationship between El Paso cyclists and drivers has, historically, been a rocky one. Bicyclists feel they've a right to the road, drivers feel they're in the way.

No matter what side of this debate you're on, here's why it needs to end:

Bicyclists, by law, have a right to "share the road". Whether it's a designated bike lane or not, the bikes have a lawful right to be there. They follow the same rules, and have the same privileges, as motor vehicles. Seriously, look it up. If you crowd them, cut them off, etc, it's you...the driver...who's breaking the law.

Some bicyclists, like some drivers, are arrogant, selfish road hogs. I've seen groups of cyclists hog lanes and I've seen drivers "bullying" bikes. Bicyclists are at a disadvantage though, standing a much greater chance of injury or death. Please watch out for them.

The west side cyclist injured in the hit and run will be ok but, that sooooo could have gone the other way. C'mon folks, let's all be cool with each other!