The young hero died along with two others in the fire.

Tyler Doohan was awakened at his grandfathers house in New York when his brothers blanket caught fire.  Tyler woke his relatives and got everyone out of the house before going back in after his disabled grandfather.

Their bodies were found a few feet from each other.  His uncle was found in a different part of the house that appeared to have a faulty smoke detector.  According to Volunteer Fire Chief Chris Ebmeyer;

"He saved six people. They all would have died if he hadn't woken up."


Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Tylers bravery cost him his life but saved the lives of six others, including his grandmother, who were all treated for minor injuries.  An online fundraiser at has been set up to help the family with funeral and other expenses.

The recent cold weather in El Paso has many using electric blankets, space heaters and fireplaces for extra warmth. Please check your devices to be sure they are working properly and use them only as they are intended to be used.

Double check your smoke alarms and the batteries that power them also!

For more info on fire safety, visit the El Paso Fire Department web site.