According to, when it comes to taking “selfies”, the “duck-face” is out. What’s in? The “Surprised Face”.

In the surprise face, you open your eyes and mouth wide, like you just heard something shocking.

Why is the surprise face taking over? Because it's way more FLATTERING than the duck face.

With a surprise face, your eyes look bigger and better . . . your face doesn't wrinkle up like it does when you smile or make a duck face . . . your lips look fuller . . . and it elongates your face to make it look thinner.

Let me demonstrate the difference. First, the Duck-face….

Now, the “Surprised-Face”…

Notice how my eyes look so much rounder and less puffy? Also, my neck fat is elongated and gives the illusion of tautness.


While I’m taking selfies, here are a few more looks I’ve come up with that you might want to emulate. Feel free to use any that appeal to you but, please bear in mind, if any of these become popular I will seek to retroactively collect royalties.

Next, the “I’m trying really hard to hold this fart in face”….

The “ITRHTHTFI Face” is perfect if you have a weak chin or asymmetrical face. People will just assume you’re gassy, not unattractive.

Finally, the one I’m really counting on going viral…the “Severed Head in a Jar Face”

Why should only medical oddities and victims of Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs get to use this look? Put this look to work for you and just watch your friend requests explode!