The new cd from A Perfect Circle drops today!!

Three Sixty is a greatest hits disc featuring one new A Perfect Circle track, "By And Down".  The CD will be joined by a live dvd release in a couple of weeks!  The live material was filmed at Red Rocks and will be a collection of 3 different shows, with each one focusing on a different A Perfect Circle cd!

Billy Howerdel formed A Perfect Circle with Maynard James Keenan of Tool.  When Billy called earlier, we talked about the new releases as well as how he and Maynard first got together.  We also went over his future plans for both APC and his other band, Ashes Divide.

Ashes Divide played one of our KLAQ events a few years back and, according to Billy, it was one of the brightest spots on their tour!  So much so that El Chuco inspired him to try and keep the tour going when he had been planning to shut it all down.  We rock!

Seriously, we did!  :)

Hear the story yourself by clicking the button below, then watch Billy and company play it live for you!