I was one of the unlucky ones to miss Trapts concert, but got my fix for being able to drive Trapt around El Paso. One of my bosses Glenn Garza was nice enough to think of me (since I am a huge fan) asking if I could pick them up. It was a funny moment when I thought it was just Chris coming but his beautiful wife Valerie along with Peter squished in my car. If I would have known there would be more than one I would have had my sons carseat taken out. The funny memory I will always remember was when Chris decided to hop in the car seat and actually fit in it pretty damn well. Luckily for me they had a sense of humor about having to squish in my car. Below you can scroll through pictures from the quality time I spent with Chris Taylor Brown, Valerie and Peter below!





 photo trapt1_zps36c89b79.jpg

 photo trapt2_zpscfbb9b14.jpg

 photo trapt3_zps33d1997f.jpg

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 photo trapt5_zpsdac959b8.jpg