I saw a meme the other day about competitive vaping and couldn't believe it was real. Apparently I was wrong.

The other day while on Facebook, I saw a meme that intrigued me:

"If you're ever feeling like a piece of sh**, just remember competitive vaping exists."

This meme confused me, I couldn't believe that this could be a real thing.

How wrong I was.

The Vape Capitol Cloud Championships is a touring competition where men and women can show off their skills when in comes to...inhaling water vapor. The championships tour started at the beginning of April in San Antonio and travels to nine different states, even Hawaii.

There is the biggest could category for both men and women as well as vape tricks. People are encouraged to join the Vape Capitol online community and then register for one of the tour stops to compete.

There are a lot of weird and dumb "sports" or competitions out there (extreme yoyo or air guitar championship) but this one has to be in the top ten. Check out the video above to see some of the people who love this sport and some of their tricks.

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