Today is a HUGE day for America as we choose a new batch of knuckleheads, errrr "leaders", including a new POTUS!

I sincerely hope you all make it to the polls today! (If you haven't already cast your ballot during early voting that is.)  It's a right we are blessed with and must use.  For the sake of having our voices heard as well as to honor the men and women who have died to guarantee us that right!

Once you've taken care of your responsibility in the real election, (and only AFTER you vote in the real election ... I'm trusting you here.) cast your vote in mine!  I'm tired of everyone always debating what is best for what when it comes to the truly important things in life.

Let's settle it today while everyones got "election fever"!  Ready? Go!

Fender Stratocaster Vs. Gibson Les Paul


Harley Davidson Vs. Metric(s)

Coke Vs. Pepsi

Heavy Metal Vs. Country

BBQ Vs. Tex Mex

Coors Light (bottle) Vs. Coors Light (can)

All right my bruthahs and sistahs ... help me out here.  What am I riding, drinking, eating and listening to/playing for the next 4 years?

(Or 4 minutes depending on the results.......)