Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) focuses on the gathering of friends and family to pray for and remember those that have passed on ... and maybe have some lunch!

Building private altars honoring the deceased with sugar skulls, marigolds and their favorite foods and beverages.  Dubba G and I built a small altar to remember both our fathers which have passed away. (The colors are supposed to be as bright as you can get them ... not necessarily what I would have gone with.)


A couple of years ago, I visited Mexico City and celebrated the Day of the Dead by going to the cementary where my dad was buried and having a picnic with him. (Well, sort of.)  We took him his favorite meal and beer since, on this day,  it's said that the spirits rise and that they eat the 'spiritual essence' of the food, leaving its form behind but without any of the nutrients afterwards. (No wonder the beer tasted kinda funny ... I thought my grandma put something in it so I wouldn't drink it.)

For more on this fascinating tradition, check out what Super Mario wrote at

Today I wandered around The Q studios asking our air staff, some of the KSII crew and morning show guest Willie Barcena, which departed loved one they would seek out and what they would ask them if they had the chance.

Let's see what they said ...

So if you had the chance to visit that one family member / friend / anyone really ... what would you ask them?


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