20 year old Taylor Woolrich has been stalked by 67 year old Richard Bennet since she was 16. Now, a rule against carrying weapons on campus could force her to leave her dream school.

Bennet reportedly visited the cafe where Taylor worked multiple times a day to sit and stare at her.  Despite a court ordered restraining order, he would follow her home, demand that she talk to him and say he was "trying to protect her".  He promised to visit her at Dartmouth when she left to attend school there and showed up at her front door when she came home during a break.  Police found a slip noose, a knife, gloves and "other items" in his car that time.

College student may have to choose gun over school
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Finding the restraining order essentially useless, Taylor requested a permit to carry a gun and was told that she had to be 21 unless special approval was given.  Officials in San Diego and in New Hampshire, where Dartmouth College is located, both gave their approval and she earned her carry permit.

However, a Dartmouth policy that prevents students ... permit or no permit ... from carrying weapons on campus leaves Taylor with a tough choice.

  • 1) Go unarmed, despite her legal permit to carry, living in constant paranoia and/or eventually being attacked.
  • OR
  • 2) Quit school and go home.

What do you think?  Should students, legally able and properly trained, be allowed to carry weapons anywhere on campus they are required to be?  Classrooms, dorm rooms, cafeterias, etc??

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