"Beep, Beep".

So Northampton (in Britain) is getting ready for Halloween a little early this year as they have a creepy clown terrorizing the town. His obvious name is the "Northampton Clown". The clown is creeping residents as he just wants to be spotted. (Yeah, its still freaky.)

A Facebook page was started on Friday the 13th, by the supposed clown in question where people can post pictures and discuss sightings. So far there have been 3 police reports of a clown knocking on doors at night, which the Facebook clown denies. (There is a thought that there might be 2 clowns roaming around the streets of Northampton.)

Not sure if you guys are familiar with the Stephen King's movie "IT" where the child killing clown says "Beep, Beep"; well, it is said that this clown says the same line and residents are scared they might shoot him or run him over.

Though not to fear another resident is determined to be the hero "Boris the Clown Catcher" wants to catch the Northampton Clown and end this madness (lucky for the clown he still remains anonymous).