Imagine pissed off strangers showing up at all hours of the day and night demanding their missing phones and/or friends.

It keeps happening to a couple in Atlanta because, for some reason, the tracking feature on missing phones keeps designating their house as the phones location.

Christina and Michael Saba have been accused of stealing phones and were even implicated in a kidnapping once! says their home was declared a crime scene and they were referred to as "persons of interest" when a missing girl's phone showed their house as it's location.  Another time, Lee says, "three "frantic" young men showed up outside their door looking for someone."

This isn't the only home this has happened to and, some have even been forcibly entered by police over these mistakes. Triangulation errors or wi-fi devices with outdated registration info are suspected but, no one really knows why this keeps happening. Technology can be pretty scary, huh?

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