The shocking (and GRAPHIC) video of a man who's dog was shot to death by police after its owner was arrested is all over the internet and the news, and people are asking who's to blame.

From my own perspective, the police waited until the very last second to pull the trigger. The dog was jumping, looking like it was going to bite one officer's hand.

The man, Leon Rosby, did put his dog in his car, but unfortunately for his dog Max, the windows were rolled down.

We also don't know what was said between Rosby and the policemen. Rosby was clearly videoing what we're told was a SWAT situation, but had he and others been told where they could stand? Didn't look to me like Rosby was particularly close, but the two officers who started the arrest walked straight up to him and cuffed him.

Whatever the reason Rosby was arrested, he didn't look too compliant, which agitated Max and contributed to this unfortunate incident.