Don't forget, it all begins today at noon!!

Ozzy and his 8 rockin' reindeer are taking over the Q airwaves today!

Screw Comet and Blitzen and all those other wannabes!  Ozzys sleigh is powered by the likes of Soundgarden, Metallica, AC/DC and more!!

KLAQ's rockin' the Borderland with an hours worth of tunes from each rockin' reindeer!  Check out the lineup below to see when your favorite sleigh puller shows up and hear from Ozzy himself at 9!



Noon: Pearl Jam

1pm - Led Zeppelin

3pm - AC/DC

4p - Metallica

5p - Guns N Roses

6p - Tool

7p - Soundgarden

8p - The Red Neck Reindeer, Kid Rock


Merry ... wait, make that "metal' ... Christmas everyone from Dubba G and all of us here at KLAQ!!