Here's a tasty way to help out area Vets and have some fun while you're at it!

A Chili Cookoff is set for December 15th and the proceeds will help Borderland Vets going through hard times and also partially help present the Veterans Day Parade.

  • When: 12/15/18  1pm-5pm
  • Where: 5101 Stan Roberts
  • Cost: $20 Chili Entry Fee/$5 General Admission

Here's the deal.....If you want to enter a chili, you pay $20 and bring a big pot of chili.  If you want to taste the chili(s), you pay $5 to try 'em all. (Careful, some of these will eat the fillings out of your teeth!!)  Tasters will also get to vote for their favorite chili and the winning chili gets all the entry money.  For example, if 20 chili cooks enter at $20 each, the winner would get $400.  Entries limited to 25 total.

The money paid by spectators goes toward helping area Veterans facing difficult times and the annual Veterans Day Parade.  It's $5 but, you can absolutely pay more if you want to. Other sponsors and vendors are also welcome. For more info, contact Men Of War MC or reach out to the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition.

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