El Paso has been getting a lot of amazing restaurants lately, both local and national. Now it looks like cheese lovers are finally getting a Melting Pot.

It looks like El Paso is getting another casual fine dining restaurant, and this time it's the most well known fondue restaurant out there. The Melting Pot is known for their artisan cheeses, craft beers, wines, salads, desserts and more. This will be the restraint's first time in El Paso. The franchise will be brought here by Apex Franchise Management, LLC. Here's what Arturo Alluin of Apex Franchise Management had to say about bringing The Melting Pot to El Paso:

"My family and I are extremely thrilled to introduce The Melting Pot concept to the El Paso community. The city of El Paso is experiencing immense, vibrant growth, and there has never been a better time to bring an innovative and interactive dining experience to the residents of El Paso and its surrounding area. We look forward to delivering The Melting Pot's delicious and one-of-a-kind fondue offerings to residents across the southwest."

No word yet on where the restaurant will be opening but it is expected to be open in 2018.

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