There's a new video out for the bands latest single, "Torn To Pieces"!

Pop Evil, who recently tore up Tricky Falls along with Stonesour, have been busy lately with touring and filming.  The band just released a new vid for the song "Torn To Pieces" directed, as usual, by Johan Carlen.

The song is about losing a loved one, something everyone must experience at some point, and the band started an instagram campaign for fans around that theme.  They asked fans to upload a picture symbolizing what the song meant to them to #petorntopieces.  Singer Leigh Kakaty said:

"Digging up the past can be very difficult". "Losing someone close to you has a healing process, and I choose to do it through this video."   "It makes me happy that this song is helping people like we hoped it would."


Cool idea, cool vid!