September 26, 2019 -- BAMS Podcast
Gordon, JW3, Masked Singer, Sean Spicer, FB Stream, Tom Segura, 3 Random Facts, Well Done Steaks, Ad Astra, Buzz's Outfit, Pennywise/Poppins, Diedrich Bader, Trump, Joker, Clue, Buzz Distracted, Pancakes, Buzz's GF, Calendar, WWE Tickets
September 23, 2019 -- BAMS Podcast
Upcoming, Alt Fact (Fall Quiz 1), 90 Day Fiance, Emmys, Mt. Rushmore, Barron Hilton, Sid Haig, Alienstock, Crowded Parking Lot, Mt. Rushmore, EP Comic Con, Movies, TV, In-Law's Complaints, Nursing Home Cocaine, Blue Man Group, Alt Fact (Fall Quiz 2)
September 13, 2019 -- BAMS Podcast
Friday the 13th, Upcoming, Bangbros, Full Moon, 3 Random Facts, Palin Divorce, Sam Darnold, Hustlers, Disney+ Young Avengers, Nico House SItting, Jack Jr and Tyson Faifer, Godfather, The Beatles, Facebook Dating, Superstitious, Al Pitrelli, RIP Eddie Money, Mt Rushmore Tease

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