It seems like everyone is a gamer now, or at least claims to be. Even my nephew is a bad-ass on the Xbox, killing bad guys and fragging teammates by the hundreds. One of my favorite comedy/gaming/video crews created an internet series called Immersion a while back, and it's finally returned for season two!

They took two of their employees, Gavin and Michael, and are putting them through scenarios to match, as closely as possible, the situations in popular video games. The goal is to see if video game experience translates to the real world...well, the REAL goal is torment and laugh at their misfortunes as they try...but the first one sounds better to their parents.

Here's episode one from the new season, where the guys try to race around a track, stopping for milk and Cheetos between each lap. Can they finish a lap inside the same car racing around the real track while they play? Can they beat the real driver? Who will throw up first?

Check out Gavin's eyes on the third lap!